Who we are

The Burners S.r.l. Company was founded in Milan on March 2009 in Milan by thirty years of experience of its founders with the aim of designing and manufacturing burners for process heaters.

The company mainly works in petrochemical and Oil&Gas sector both on national and international projects.

The Burners organizes periodically training courses in Milan or directly on the plants of customers.

The Burners effectuates surveys to resolve problems relating to environmental regulations.

Our main objective is the customer satisfaction.

After sales services

The Burners company, through its after sales service (aftermarket), is structured to offer a variety of full services: from design for new installations, to optimization of burner efficiency, assistance in the field for proper product installation, start-up and verification of the performances of both the burners and combustion installations in general.

Highly qualified staff

The Burners avails oneself of highly qualified staff with thirty years of experience in the field of combustion.

Certifications and Quality

We supplyes high quality products and services with the best technology to reduce emissions in accordance with API and ISO EN.