The Burners company, through its after sales service (aftermarket), is structured to offer a variety of full services: from design for new installations, to optimization of burner efficiency, assistance in the field for proper product installation, start-up and verification of the performances of both the burners and combustion installations in general.

Our services:

– Studies for the conversion and Up-grading from the conventional existing burners model to the Low NOx or Ultra-Low type.
– Studies for installation of new burners Low NOx or Ultra-Low Nox of existing furnaces.
– Studies for improving maintenance of individual burner components.
Functional verification studies and assistance in the field in order to improve the burners and heaters efficiency.
Computerized fluid dynamic (CFD) studies of combustion equipments (burners and heaters).
General inspection services (Survey) dedicated to all types of combustion equipment in the plant, with the emission of date lists for necessary spare parts and verifies obsolete parts in stock.
Inspections for burners (Survey) pre-turn around with the emission data list necessary spare parts and estimated replacement times.
Assistance in the field during the heater shutdowns or turn-around plant for inspections, verification and control of the wear some burner parts.
Supply of spare parts in a short time for any type and model of burners (also not of our production).
Certifications of interchangeability and performance relating to all the parts supplied.

Training courses on the burners conduction to be carried in the field and / or at our offices.
Training courses for maintenance staff working on combustion plants, to be carried out both in the field and / or at our offices.
– Periodic seminars on combustion equipment according to the development of the latest technologies from both the process side and also for proper maintenance of new generation burners.


– Functional verification of our burners in our research area.