Natural draft, self inspairating burners with flame arrestor




The TFG-BH-ND (fuel gas only) or TFC-BH-ND (fuel gas and fuel oil combination) are burners designed to be installed on fire tube of indirect flame heater, for example such as Water Bath Heater, where is possible to use the draft available in the fire tube, thus saving the installation of air fan.


The TFG-COA-ND (fuel gas only) is, instead, a self-inspirating burner that use the new “COA” technology that permit to reach a turn-down of 25:1, always ensuring a stable flame.
The burner flame is generated into fire tube, which is protected by a refractory cone in its initial part.
The Low NOx models use the Staged Air Technology to reduce emissions.
This burners may be suitable for a combustion of fuel gas only, fuel oil/light liquid only or a combination of fuels (except the TFG-COA-ND which is fueal gas only); normally are equipped with flame arrestor positioned at the inlet of combustion air.
On request we can provide all equipments for the air/gas/oil regulation of burner and the electrical control panel (B.M.S.).


Year 2012 – Burner Mod. TFG-100-COA – Final Location: Italy

Year 2018 – Burner Mod. TFG-BH-ND – Final Location: NIS – Serbia