TBRW-ND type

The TBRW-ND is a self-inspiriting gas radiant wall burner designed for natural draft conditions.
It is very flexible and can be adapted for horizontal or vertical application; it can fire a wide range of different fuel gas with 100% air premixing trough the Venturi (mixer).
Small control of atmospheric air may be required during the course of operation though a secondary air register in order to compensate eventually any theoretical air deficiency.





Year 2015/2016 – Burners Mod. TBRW-100-ND Final Location: Ferrara (Italy)

Year 2017 – Burners Mod. TBRW-400-ND Final Location: Assaluyeh (Iran)

Year 2017 – Burners Mod. TBRW-600-ND Final Location: Assaluyeh (Iran)

Year 2022 – n. 150 Burners Mod. TBRW-ND Final Location: Ferrara (Italy)